Peoples and Cultural Change

Aboriginal Studies 20

by Kainai Board of Education, Métis Nation of Alberta, Northland School Division, and Tribal Chiefs Institute

full colour
8” x 10.25”
272 pages
ISBN 1-55220-604-1

Peoples and Cultural Change was written from an Aboriginal perspective to fit the Alberta Aboriginal Studies 20 curriculum. This resource was reviewed by Elders from across Alberta. The textbook includes:

  • a unique approach to teaching First Nations, Métis, and Inuit history, culture, and issues,
  • effective chapter organizers provide material to consider as students begin and end each chapter,
  • first-hand stories, ideas, viewpoints, and experiences of Aboriginal people,
  • profiles of contemporary and historical people have made contributions,
  • detailed maps, photos, and informative timelines which illustrate and summarize significant topics
  • Talking Circle activities to encourage discussion and reflect Aboriginal traditions,
  • special features on Issues for Investigation, Indigenous Knowledge, and Symbolism and Expression,
  • samples of eleven Aboriginal languages,
  • each chapter ends with a review to check understanding, encourage reflection, and apply and broaden knowledge and skills.

A companion teacher's guide is in development.

Aboriginal Perspectives (Aboriginal Studies 10) is also available. Contemporary Issues (Aboriginal Studies 30) will be available April 2005.

Alberta Customers! Orders should be addressed directly to the Alberta Learning Resources Centre. Peoples and Cultural Change LRC number is 581406.
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