Alberta Elders’ Cree Dictionary

by Nancy LeClaire and George Cardinal

edited by Earle Waugh

co-published by University of Alberta Press
black and white
8” x 10”
604 pages
ISBN 0-88864-284-9

Students and educators alike will value this volume, which was begun in the mid–1970s by Nancy LeClaire and completed through contributions made by many other dedicated Cree speakers. The dictionary is based upon both Northern Cree (the “TH” dialect) and Plains Cree (the “Y” dialect). It includes extensive Cree-English and English–Cree sections. It also features:

  • parts of speech,
  • a new terms supplement to the English–Cree section,
  • appendices on kinship terms, months and numbers and
  • terms commonly used in government, courts and other institutions.

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