The Canadian Guide to Health and the Environment

edited by Tee L. Guidotti and Pierre Gosselin with the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

co-published by the University of Alberta Press
black and white
6” x 9”
338 pages
ISBN 0-88864-293-8

Canadians enjoy their beautiful surroundings, but they do have concerns about environmental hazards that may affect their health. The Canadian Guide to Health and the Environment offers help in understanding the issues and risks.

"This book is a must read for anyone interested in health and the environment... Topics covering home, work, urban, and recreational environments; resource management; and the relationship between health and pollutants are explored in detail... I recommend this book." Colin O. D'Cunha FRCPC, Annals RCPSC

"Good things come in small packages. This remarkably concise, comprehensive, and instructive guide to health and the environment is a tribute to that dictum. This is a gem of a book... As a readable and practical overview of the major environmental and public health issues facing twenty-first-century mankind, The Canadian Guide to Health and the Environment lives up to its title. It is a source of useful and crucial details of the average citizen, not just of Canada, but also of every nation responsible for the care and maintenance of Planet Earth. In the end, the reader wishes that it be required reading for every high school student, teacher, professor, physician, and politician. It should be on the desk of every aspiring or active practitioner of public, environmental, and occupational health as an inspirational text, practical guide, and easy reference." L.B. Sandy Rock, American Journal of Preventive Medicine

"With the erosion of health care programs being a major concern across the country, now is an opportune time to expand the dialogue from accessibility and funding of services to causes of health problems. Canadian Guide to Health and the Environment provides an excellent baseline for Canadians ready to engage in that discussion." Joyce Hildebrand, EnCompass Magazine

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