The Learning English Series

co-published by DC Canada International and Hebei Education Publishing

Elementary Series

by Dr. Tara Fenwick, Dr. Jim Parsons, Kyung-Sook Kim, Walter Guo and Lynn Zwicky
edited by Lynn Zwicky and Shauna Babiuk
illustrations by Chao Yu

Junior High Series

by Dr. Joe Wu and Dr. Jim Parsons
edited by Lynn Zwicky and David Strand
illustrations by Chao Yu

Learning English offers students a fun and simple way to master the English language while also exploring topics ranging from world mythology to cultural diversity.

Learning English is modeled on a new and innovative language learning curriculum. Users of the program are exposed to vocabulary and grammar within an interesting context, a clear departure from older texts in which students memorized lists and rules.

The series includes full–colour student books and readers and black–and–white activity books and teacher’s guides. (more ...) Students will follow the adventures of
Danny, Jenny, and Li Ming,
three of the characters that populate the Learning English series.

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