Our Country, Canada

by Mary Cairo and Luci Soncin

full colour
9” x 12”
144 pages
ISBN 1-55220-201-1

AlbertaBritish ColumbiaOntarioSaskatchewan

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Our Country, Canada was written to fit the Canada and World Connections strand of Ontario’s grade four social studies curriculum. It emphasizes hands-on, active learning and skill development. The textbook focuses on:

  • the physical regions of Canada,
  • Canada’s natural resources,
  • interdependence of Canada’s regions,
  • characteristics of provinces and territories
  • structure and function of provincial governments.
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Ontario (.pdf format)


Reviewed and recommended by Saskatchewan Education for Grade 5 Social Studies. Listing information can be found in the Saskatchewan Resource List March 2002 Update, supplied by Saskatchewan Education.

Our Country, Canada explores the geography, places, resources, industries and economy of Canada. Students also learn about interdependent relationships and the symbols and identity of Canada.

Suitable to meet requirements in:

Unit I: Identity
Location and Physical Features
Canadian Symbols
Contemporary Canadian People
Unit III: Interdependence
Canadian Resources and Industries
Agriculture and Related Industries
Canada's Economy
Download Curriculum Correlation here!
Saskatchewan (.pdf format)


Our Country, Canada is also suitable for fulfillment of Alberta grade five social studies curriculum topic Canada: Its Geography and People.

Alberta teachers can purchase Our Country, Canada from the Learning Resources Centre (LRC) for $31.95, less 25% discount from Learning Resources Credit Allocation (if applicable).

British Columbia

Our Country, Canada is suitable for fulfillment of British Columbia grade five social studies curriculum topic Canada. The textbook focuses on:

  • Canada's distinct physical regions and political divisions
  • physical features, climate, vegetation, animal life, and natural resources in each region
  • Canadians adapting to a changing environment

Process skills include:

  • locating, organizing and interpreting information
  • mapping
  • communication
  • participation

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