Duval’s Publishing Partners

Duval House works to build publishing partnerships wherever possible. This strategy:

  • ensures the involvement of the communities for which we publish,
  • puts marketing to diverse audiences in the most-effective hands,
  • helps bring necessary resources to difficult business problems and
  • shares the long-term earnings from community publishing projects with the originating communities.

During the year 2000, we partnered (through contracts and licenses) with the following companies and agencies:

  • the Tribal Chiefs Council,
  • Hebei Education Publishing in Hebei province, China,
  • Kainai First Nation,
  • Arnold Publishing,
  • Northland School District,
  • Scholastic Canada,
  • Gage (Canada Publishing Corporation),
  • the Metis Nation of Alberta,
  • the University of Alberta Press and
  • Parkland Institute.
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