Stories of the Century

World History from 1900 to 2000

by Robert Gardner, Jim Parsons and Lynn Zwicky

full colour
8” x 10.5”
256 pages
ISBN 1-55220-294-1

Stories of the Century was written to fit the Alberta Social Studies 33, Topic B (The Contemporary World - Global Interaction: The 20th Century and Today) curriculum. It is an authoritative, comprehensive history written in a narrative style to engage readers. It provides information on all regions of the globe - a world history about the whole world! The textbook includes:

  • lots of photos, maps and cartoons,
  • a glossary of key terms,
  • Aboriginal and Francophone perspectives - great preparation for the new program of studies,
  • summaries of key cultural and scientific achievements,
  • study and review questions that prepare students for diploma exam.

Teaching strategies are built into the textbook. A supplementary booklet on teaching approaches is planned.

Alberta Customers! Orders should be addressed directly to the Alberta Learning Resources Centre. Stories of the Century LRC number is 526931.
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