Teacher Resources

Tools for Teaching: Philosophy and Ideas You Can Use

by George Richardson, Jim Parsons and Laura Servage

Building Foundations for Safe and Caring Schools: Research on Disruptive Behaviour and Violence

by Grace Malicky, Bonnie Shapiro and Kas Mazurek

Games for the Classroom: Making Learning Fun

by Jim Parsons and Kathy Sanford

More Games: More Ways to Make Learning Fun

by Jim Parsons and Kathy Sanford

Stories of Teaching

edited by Jim Parsons and Larry Beauchamp

Surviving Elementary School (as a teacher)

by Kim Paterson

Teaching from the Inside Out

by Larry Beauchamp and Jim Parsons

Teaching from the Outside In

by Larry Beauchamp, Jim Parsons, Gerald McConaghy, Kathy Sanford and Dawn Ford

Learning with Literature in the Canadian Elementary Classroom

by Joyce Bainbridge and Sylvia Pantaleo

Positive Echoes

by Jan Marlow

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